Fancy A Change?

When in Newcastle shopping for the day, me, my mum and sister fancied a change to where we would usually go to eat lunch. I had heard lots about Wagamama from friends and family as well as positive reviews and tweets that circled the web; however had not yet had the opportunity to try the food.

At first the Newcastle restaurant reminded me of my primary school dining area. Rows of benches lined the restaurant with only menus and condiments to separate you from the next group of customers. Once seated I realised it was quite a quirky way to have a as a layout, different from others I had been to before. Wagamama was spotless with an extremely modern feel to the whole place. The cooking area was on display with out frosted glass dividing it from the rest of the restaurant. The whole place had a calm atmosphere, rare when going out to eat. The restaurant was quiet yet there were plenty of staff who were eager to take your drinks and food order.

All three of us were starving and eager to order and eat. I would say that the only problem with Wagamama, was the menu. You needed a degree to understand it. Once we had decided what we wanted the next issue was what type of noodle to get with it; who would of thought that there are different kinds of noodles. We didn’t really care, we just wanted noodles!

Keeping with the modern and quirky theme that surrounded Wagamama, the way in which your order was taken was too done differently. The waitress scribbled our order down on the paper placemats in front of us, something which I liked as it was clear she had got the order right. The 3 of us had ordered to starter dishes to share, pork ribs in a teriyaki sauce and fried squid with a chilli dip, yes I know, ew squid, but it was actually really good! After demolishing the starter dishes the main arrived, all three of us had ordered the same. The meal was well presented in deep wooden like bowls with the option to eat with chop sticks, truly British, we ate with forks. The main meal was chicken served with noodles (just noodles) tossed together in a teriyaki sauce topped off with lettuce leaves and grated carrot. The food was to a high standard, both quality and quantity, leaving me with a large majority of the meal left over and an extremely full tummy!

Price wise, it was well worth the money, perhaps slightly more expensive however I’d strongly recommend the restaurant and maybe with all your new student loans its a perfect time to try it!

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One thought on “Fancy A Change?

  1. Emily Duncan says:

    been wanting to try here for ages, definitely going to go now!

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